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Asymptotic Notations - Big-Oh, Theta, and Omega

Big-o is used to determine the upper bound on a given function, Omega notation is used to determine the lower bound of a function. theta notation is used for both upper and lower bound


Working Of Keras Functional API

Keras Python library is a multi-backend and multi-platform that is more flexible ways of creating and working on complex deep learning models fast and easily. It minimizes the number of ...


Time And Space Complexity of An Algorithm

We can compare two algorithms with the amount of time it takes to execute (especially on larger input) which is known as the time complexity of an algorithm and the amount of space it requires, known


What is an Algorithm? Why Do We Analyze Algorithms

A formal explanation would be, an Algorithm is nothing but a set of instructions, which when implemented, is bound to perform certain tasks. The algorithm must be correct in order for it to execute.


3 Important Types of Economic Systems

The economic system means the sum total of the arrangements for the production and distribution of goods and services in society.In a capitalist economy, all means of production are owned


Elasticity of Demand - Most Detailed Explanation

Demand depends on a number of factors like price, the income of the consumers, and prices of other goods (substitutes and complements). The elasticity of demand refers to the

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Python Pandas for Machine Learning


Working Of Keras Functional API

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