4 Ways McDonald’s Is Using Artificial Intelligence For 4th Industrial Revolution

McDonald’s needs no introduction, It is a fast-food joint especially famous for its burgers. McDonald’s is nowadays adopting big data and artificial intelligence to improve its functioning. McDonald’s needs to keep costs low and efficiencies high to go hand in hand with big data, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

Currently, Mcdonald’s is serving in more than 188 countries and in the way to establish more and more. In India itself, there are more than 350 food outlets of Mcd. In order to serve such a large volume of people (approximately 69 million) at every corner of the world, it is necessary to adopt a few technologies as a backbone. Manually, it is becoming difficult to attend to so many people but with big data and artificial intelligence, people can be attended to equally and efficiently in a fast way.

Mentioned below are the ways in which McDonald’s is getting ready for the 4th revolution-

  1. Digitalized Menus


international mcdonald's menus digitalized

Menus adapted by Mcd are digital and they can change based on the real-time data analysis. The digital menus can change with various criteria’s like- a time of day, current weather, most liked food, etc. For example, on a really hot day, the menu might show cold/refreshing beverages and mild foods while hot beverages and hot and comfort food might be shown on a cold day. These types of digitalized menus have been used in Canada and they actually have increased sales from 0.5 to 1%.

  1. Stand-alone booths for placing the order (Kiosks)


kiosks mcdonald's

As mentioned earlier, it is becoming very difficult to attend to millions of people every day. So, McDonald’s is now replacing cashiers with kiosks in some locations. Here customers can place their order on a digital screen without waiting in queues to give their orders to the cashier guy. With the introduction of kiosks as a technology, labor costs are reduced and there is a lot of less error.

  1. Online app

mcdonald's online app

McDonald’s mobile app can be used by customers to place orders, pay through it via cards/wallets, and also get access to exclusive deals.

When customers use this app, McDonald’s gets the necessary information about customers like when and in which outlet do they go, common food most people order, etc. They can give complementary product deals to regular customers and help increase sales using the app. In Japan, the app is used the most. 

  1. Analysis based on Trends

mcdonald's trend analysis

A culture where data is used as a primary detail is used at McDonald’s to enhance their performance. The company looks at a lot of data points in the customer experience. They review the information provided to the customers and what’s happening for customers waiting in queues to place their order. They cross-check and analyze the patterns to make specific predictions and accordingly bring changes to their practices if necessary.



mcdonald's AI

McDonald’s continues to work with its data-driven culture and expects to improve its performance towards the customers based on the patterns and efficiencies found from the data analysis and the use of artificial intelligence, big data, and robots.





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