5 Steps For Email Marketing For Startups

Email marketing is one of the most used digital marketing techniques, if this technique is used properly, it holds the potential to convert a one-time user into a regular user. Email marketing is done differently for different niches, for example, email marketing techniques for a blogging website would be to send emails that consist of top-rated blogs related to the user’s preferences. 

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing boosts up the customer allegiance with a greater assurance that we might not see even in social media marketing, recent case studies confirm that Email marketing is highly likely to increase web traffic by a significant margin. 

If certain steps are followed correctly, this marketing technique will not only increase the web traffic but will also engage many existing users for a long period of time. So how does it actually work? Let’s see

Steps For Successful Email Marketing

Step 1: Create a user list of your own through a newsletter

Add a newsletter to your website that only asks for users’ emails. This technique is often used by almost every blogging and product-based website as it helps in creating a database of interested users, and as the user list grows it becomes easy to engage them to your blogs or product deals via Emails. Initially, a database in the range of 2000 to 10000 is considered to be great. There are many email marketing tools that help small businesses 

Newsletter for email marketing

An example of the newsletter on the AIpoint website


Step 2: Use Email Marketing tools

Once you have created a newsletter and a user list it is important to use the right email marketing tools or email marketing software available online. A few of the best email marketing tools are:-

  1. Drip
  2. ConstantContact
  3. Mailchimp

Step 3: Use Eye-catching Email Templates

The use of templates that engages a user to read the mail is very important for a successful email marketing campaign, a simple email with no illustrations or animations would be too unstructured for anyone to read, For example below are the two emails-:


Email 1


How to find email marketing templates

Email 2

The above two emails are done by product-based companies, yet both of them are so different in terms of user appeal, Email 2 is clearly more appealing and structured than Email 1, although Email 1 carries more information than others still it would not be termed to be a good email marketing strategy.

I would list a few websites for free email marketing templates-:

  1. Campaign Monitor
  2. Beefree
  3. Juvlon

Step 4: Use Classy Subject

Many marketing strategists use this strategy to make sure the user gets hooked up with the content right from the start, therefore an email subject that makes people read the whole content is very important. This customer engagement technique is widely used by many email marketing handlers. If you have a product-based company, the discount on your product could act as an engaging heading and a blogger may use blog title as a heading. Listing a few good ‘subjects’ for a good email marketing strategy-:


The above two email subjects are very clear, straight-forward, and have the potential to stimulate the mind to check it out, many emails get ignored by people because they don’t find anything engaging in a subject, as for the mobile user, email notification contains a subject, therefore it becomes highly important that subject of the email should be appealing.

Step 5: Observe Your Growth

Observing your growth is very important, there is no point working on something for way too long and getting absolutely no result, or minimal result, This technique is not like an SEO that would take months or years to get results. Email marketing could take a few months to show up significant results

5 steps for email marketing


If you don’t see results within a few months, this might be a sign to change the email marketing strategy or use the existing strategy more powerfully. Analysis of growth every week is considered to be good, therefore better analysis and rapid action is key to growth in any field.

Case Study on Email Marketing

Few case studies show how powerful email marketing is in the world of marketing, many research shows that with small investment, you could get great results. A recent study tells that with every 1 dollar investment, on average you could get up to 40 dollar return.


Email Marketing case study


The smart cut is a book that became popular and one of the reasons was email marketing done right, Mailchimp report shows that out of 500 pieces of mail sent to the fortune companies 293 emails were bounced and the open rate was more than double than the average, it was about 46% while the average is around 20%.


The above steps will be useful for every business or startup to implement email marketing successfully to boost the growth of an organization, there are various case studies that show how small businesses, as well as fortune companies, use email marketing and increase their sales or users.


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