AI in India: An Emerging Innovation Hub

Research conducted by the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM)

For the AI Patent Power Hour, it was chosen to offer a better knowledge of the patent landscape of artificial intelligence in India. A NASSCOM Research special study entitled "AI Patents: Driving Emergence of India as an AI Innovation Hub" was released as part of the one-hour digital event. That's why we've created this study, which offers a thorough overview of AI patents from a techno-legal perspective. It contains significant developments in terms of a number of patents and application areas.

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Neha Jain, the Senior Analyst at NASSCOM Insights, stated that India is placed 8th in the world for AI patent filing and 4th in terms of AI research papers when introducing the study. She predicted that AI patent filings in India will continue to rise as India becomes a significant location for AI innovation. 

NASSCOM insights

Nasscom's analysis shows that the number of AI patents registered in India over the previous five years has increased six-fold compared to 2011-2015. On a worldwide scale, India was placed eighth among the top ten nations by AI patent families, a remarkable achievement has given that it had filed no AI-related patents prior to 2002. To conduct their research, Nascom relied on data gathered from the Questel Orbit Patent Database as of January 2021, with the assistance of Sag. It covers all AI patents submitted between 2010 and 2020 with "India" as the filing country. 

No doubt, our government considers AI to be a powerful weapon against the many difficulties that our country faces. Tools like MyGov Corona Helpdesk, Aarogyasetu, and Cowin are just a few instances of how the government is using technology to tackle the continuing pandemic. Innovation must be encouraged, though, if we are to remain competitive and develop a strong AI-ready future.

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Nearly seventy percent of technology patents registered in India are related to new technologies. On a global scale, the number of patent filings is expected to increase by 4%. An interesting fact is that in India, AI patents account for 6% of all developing innovation. 

The following are some of the most important developments in AI patent filing in India:

  • India is the source of more than 60% of all patent applications.
  • Over 5,000 AI patents have been submitted in India over the previous decade, with 94 percent of them being filed in the last five years.
  • In terms of AI techniques, Machine Learning was the most popular with a 93% share; Computer Vision was the top functional area with 36%.
  • The main vertical emphasis areas were Consumer Electronics/Personal Computing Devices and Healthcare.
  • With a share of 47 percent among assignees, the technology sector dominates AI patents.
  • MNCs are the owners of 63 percent of granted patents.
  • The necessity of patent filing and protecting intellectual property will continue to encourage AI patent submissions in India. The filing, on the other hand, will continue in a variety of application areas.
  • If enough financial assistance, proper rules, and mentorship are not provided for start-ups, India's AI big success may encounter problems.


The study includes the following important recommendations:

  • Start-ups and small businesses will be mentored and supported by a group of stakeholders.
  • Increasing public understanding of the significance of registering a patent.
  • The patent examination procedure should be made more efficient.

As well as some of the successful AI patents in India that have been applied to the industry, the study also Niramai Health Analytx and Grahaa Space are two of the most prominent.

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It has been granted four patents in India and ten in the United States by Niramai Health Analyst NIRAMAI holds the world's first AI-based patent for the detection of early-stage breast cancer using thermal imaging, which may be used to analyze a mother's breast health and breastfeeding readiness before she gives birth. As part of a preliminary filing, Grahaa Space has described its System and Method for streaming high-resolution videos from low earth orbit. 

DST plans to establish an Artificial Intelligence center in Bengaluru to boost technology innovation

By executing ambitious projects in diverse industries and concentrating on issues specific to India, the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Technologies Park (ARTPARK) to be established up in Bengaluru would encourage technological advancements in specialist areas, the Department of Science and Technology announced on Monday.

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 An innovative public-private partnership between the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bengaluru and AI Foundry has created ARTPARK, a new not-for-profit organization. 


The Department of Science and Technology (DST) will provide seed financing of 170 crores ($22 million) under the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NM-ICPS) to create a collaborative consortium of partners from business, academia, and government agencies. As a result of these efforts, the DST expects to see cutting-edge developments in terms of new technologies, standards, and products. A data-sharing ecosystem and a data marketplace will be created, as well as a secrecy and privacy-preserving framework for exchanging data and running analytics, according to the DST.

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DST- the department of science and technology

BhashaSetu will be one such service, allowing real-time Indic language translation from speech to speech and text. This will help to unlock the country's economic potential and allow all Indian people, regardless of their language, to participate equally in the country's economic growth, according to the report. Each of the NM-ICPS hubs has a distinctive design, allowing for strong collaboration and co-ownership across the triple helix of business, academia, and government.

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Additionally, ART PARK will build AI & Robotic Facilities that will assist technological advancements.

Telangana is accelerating its efforts to become India's top AI destination 

It is the goal of the Telangana government to establish Telangana as India's leading AI An effort centered on talent building and grassroots innovation, as well as infrastructure development was launched. In addition, Revv Up, a growth stage accelerator especially for AI businesses, has just been launched. 

AI in Telangana

Telangana is one of the leading proponents of these principles. The state has proclaimed 2020 the Year of Artificial Intelligence. Next, Telangana AI Mission was launched in cooperation with NASSCOM to develop Telangana as a worldwide AI powerhouse and harness innovation for the welfare of the state's people.

With this project, the Telangana government hopes to create an AI community in India that is well-versed in solving and addressing local problems using inferences and insights derived from locally accessible information.

According to Rama Devi Lanka, Director of Emerging Technologies for the State of Telangana, Telangana's administration has set an ambitious goal of AI contributing $5 billion to the state's IT exports by 2025 as one of the first steps towards creating Telangana as a "With the help of new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and the internet of things (IoT), we want to drive societal progress and innovation in areas such To make this possible, we are striving to improve the basic blocks necessary to establish an ecosystem that will allow these technologies to flourish"

Many different events will take place during the 12-month program including PoC opportunities with the Telangana government & industry leaders, investor roundtables, IP harvesting workshops & masterclasses as well as Go-To-Market pitching & fundraising workshops. Senior industry leaders in technology & business will also provide mentorship, as well as access to global markets.

However, companies must have a physical presence in Hyderabad, even if they are registered elsewhere in the country.


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