Top 3 Applications of Computational Science


Computational Science is a faster-growing field that understands and solves complex problems. In this blog, we are going to learn about computational science, its applications, and the differences between computational science and computer science as well as jobs related to computational science.

What is Computational Science?

It is a field of mathematics that used advanced computing to understand Computational Science which is the application of computer science and it is also a principle of software engineering for solving problems. 

To create computer-based simulations of physical events, computational science makes use of computer hardware, networking, algorithms, programming, databases, and other domain-specific knowledge.

The most recent improvements in experimental methods have opened up a new window into scientific processes at any degree of detail that includes computational thinking, contemporary computational methods, and supporting technology and goes well beyond conventional numerical approaches.

It involves experts from several fields, including those in the physical sciences, computer science, software engineering, and even the arts and humanities.

Three main components are commonly combined in computational science:

1.) Modeling, Algorithm, and simulation

2.) Software developed to solve science, Engineering, Medicine, and Humanities problems

3.) Developing and enhancing sophisticated system hardware, software, networking, and data management components is the domain of computer and information science.

Applications of Computational Science

Predictive Computational Science

The scientific field of predictive computational science involves the formulation and numerical solutions. It is a mathematical validation model intended to characterize parameters, predict the physical event, and also to associate uncertainties. We might state that Predictive computational science is formulated in terms of probabilities.

Computational Finance

Trading in financial markets plays a vital role, as we know a large number of interdependent assets are traded by a large number of markets that are located in different locations and time zones. 

The classification and assessment of the risk involved in this extremely wider circle of sensors are often based on complex mathematical and computer models. 

This can only be understood using a multi-scale, holistic approach that models market, credit, and liquidity risk, among other interconnected risk variables.

Urban Complex System

The prediction is that by 2050, the United Nations 68% of the world’s population will be urban. As the country's development was centered on the increase of the urban populations, cities today are incredibly complicated places to live.

Computational models try to understand and give shape by researching through modeling and simulations the development of cities to help with challenges and possible disasters. It is only to help city dynamics for coming urbanization.

Is Computer science and computational science the same?

No, computer science and computational science are both different terms and are not the same, the major difference between computer science and computational science is that the study of algorithms defines computer science whereas, computational science is a simulation-based treatment of natural and social sciences. Let’s break this down more and understand wisely. 

Computer science is developing algorithmic tools that help to solve any computational problem whereas, in the case of computational science we can say that it is a modern mathematical applied science. Computation is just a tool to understand the behavior of systems. Another comparison would be that Computer science broadly includes Theory, Systems, and Artificial intelligence whereas, Computational science broadly includes the Foundation of numeric methods, Simulation of systems, and Simulation of stochastic systems. 

Computational science jobs in India

Here we are suggesting you top 3 jobs in India for computational science students:


This company is situated in Banglore and they are hiring Computational Scientists who will be able to solve the problem in a way to tackle a range of problems in the oil and gas industry. The educational background should be a master's or Ph.D. degree in applied mathematics, statistics, scientific computers, or a similar field. The requirement will be a minimum of 2 years of applied computational work experience for candidates with a Master's degree.

Click on the following link for further details:


Eli Lilly: 

The company is hiring a Computational Engineer, the location of the office at Banglore. To build formulations that can be supplied efficiently and safely using medical devices, they want to collaborate with the scientists and engineers in DDCS and with partner organizations. A Ph.D. in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computational Biophysics, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, or a similar field is required by the company.

Click on the following link for further details:



They are looking for Senior Data and Applied scientists who will be having an experience with Hadoop, Spark, or other distributed computing systems for large-scale training & prediction with ML models. Qualification should be MS/BS in CS/EE, mathematical or machine learning-related disciplines, with at least 5 or more years of experience. 

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I hope this blog helped you in understanding computational science, if you have more doubts related to this topic then do let us know. 


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