Top 5 Data Science Jobs In Canada


Data science, as we are all aware, is distinct from computer science and information science but is related to machine learning, data mining, and big data. It handles large amounts of data using cutting-edge tools and approaches, which result in unseen patterns, and also it helps us make business decisions. 

As a Data scientist, you must be responsible for collecting a large amount of data while analyzing and interpreting it. Data scientists are in high demand as they are very challenging in their tasks. In this blog, we will explore the Top 10 Jobs for Data Scientists in Canada including salary. 

  1. RFS Solution

To build predictive models, present information using data visualization techniques, identify valuable data sources, automate collection processes, and work with engineering and product development teams, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) is seeking data scientists who can work 8 hours on a day shift.


 Knowledge of operations research and machine learning strong numerical abilities, the ability for problem-solving, and Knowledge of R, SQL, and Python are required, and it would be ideal to be familiar with Scala, Java, or C++. Proven experience as a data scientist or analyst is also required.


 Machine learning: 1 year (preferred)

Benefits of the job:

 Additional health benefits, dental and vision insurance, bonus payments, and commission payments.


 $3,500.00-$4,500.00 per month 

  1. VassuTech Services 

VassuTech Service is looking for a data scientist who will have the chance to work in a fast-paced atmosphere where they can learn and develop. It's an 8-hour day shift job that requires Canadian PR or citizenship.


 working knowledge of REST Frameworks' backend development (Django), excellent interpersonal abilities to convey ideas and communicate with many stakeholders from diverse industries, excellent communication, and writing abilities, working familiarity with data pipeline and implementation of data-science models, and Sharp problem-solving abilities.


 Junior Data scientist for 2 years.


 $30T-$60T per year 

  1. Ample Insight Inc.

A rapidly expanding consulting company in Toronto is recruiting Data scientists that are enthusiastic about finding solutions to challenges in the real world.


  Working with both structured and unstructured data, and driven to develop scalable machine learning models, this position requires critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.


  A solid understanding of machine learning theory, an analytical mindset, a BS/MS/P.h.D in computer science or a similar engineering degree involving coding must know statistics.


  $63T-1.1L per year

  1. Apex Systems

Apex Systems need a Senior Data scientist for the MLOps group, Data science libraries, and other areas. Building and deploying machine learning models as data products and services is our mandate.


Network analysis or segmentation modeling experience, writing SQL queries, proficiency with Python, and data science modeling experience.


 $90T-1.3L per year

  1. Metro College of Technology

An instructor who can offer one or more of the following data science courses is needed by Metro College of Technology, a career college in Toronto, Ontario: SQL programming, VBA programming, R for data analytics, Machine learning, and Data mining.


Deliver course instructions to students, Provide additional support to needed students, Support students with job search, and Prepare teaching plans and contents.


 A master's or doctoral degree in statistics, computer science, or a related discipline, Having worked with both structured and unstructured data in data analysis structured and focused on achieving results competent to work independently and follow directions.


$45.00-$85.00 per hour [Job type: Part-time 20hrs per week]


I hope you find this blog useful since we covered the experience and salary criteria as well as the company's requirements for the role of a data scientist. Looking for a Remote (work from home) job in Canada? Stay tuned for our upcoming blog.


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