Top 5 Email Marketing Tools in 2021

In today’s world, where the internet has become an important part of the daily lives of people, it is equally important for new startups and businesses to make social media an important agenda. In order to prosper and widen their client base, every business has to keep their social media management skill under their belt. One of the most prominent and promising techniques for upshooting the results is Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is the process of sending optimized commercial messages through e-mail to targeted customers. It includes the process of developing promotional emails, testing, and maintaining them as well. Email Marketing can be used to increase sales, improve brand loyalty, and deliver important information.

Some of the most highly used tools for Email Marketing nowadays are as follows. Here we will be seeing the Top 5 Email Marketing Tools in today’s market.





Mailchimp is one of the most widely used and trusted tools for Email Marketing. It is an All-In-One integrated marketing platform for small businesses and provides the benefit of growing your business on your own terms. It brings forth various plans with a wide variety of features for its customers.

It has a total of four plans among which the free, essentials and standard plans bring high-quality service, and all this at highly affordable prices.

It is a great platform for beginners as it provides an up-to-scratch-free plan. The free plan lays out 2,000 contacts with 1 audience included. With this, it also contains features like Marketing CRM, Creative assistant, builds your website, provides the Mailchimp domain, and also creates forms and landing pages for its customers.

Each upgrade plan provides you with more and more effective additional features like custom branding, EMail templates, 24/7 EMail and chats support, also phone support in higher packages. 

The package prices range from a free plan too. One more additional feature is that you can make your own custom plans according to your requirements.





Like Mailchimp, Omnisend is also one of the most highly dependable tools for Email Marketing in the market right now. With Email campaigns, Automation, Segmentation, and Popups and forms, Omnisend has a plethora of features in its bag of Email Marketing strategies.

Omnisend also has four pricing packages consisting of a free package along with three paid ones. In the free package, it provides various Email campaigns, forms, boxes & pop-ups, and reports.

For beginners, Omnisend does not provide a friendly package, but the paid packages consisting of Email Automation, Google customer match, Web push notifications, and Email account migration gives tough competition to any Email Marketing tool worldwide.

One drawback is that it forwards 15,000 emails per month in each of its packages till you make a customized plan which only comes with the enterprise package but again, Omnisend also provides the customizable package which has proved to be very helpful for its clients. 





In recent times, Sendinblue is the smartest and most intuitive platform for growing businesses. One can thrive digitally with Sendinblue as it guides you with its right marketing & sales tool. 

Sendinblue provides four plans to its customers namely free, lite, premium, and enterprise which is a customizable plan. The free plan provides a good volume of up to 300 mail per day along with unlimited contacts. 

The further plans i.e. lite and premium, are really helpful for new as well as pro marketers. Both, the lite and premium plans themselves are customizable depending upon the volume of emails the customers wish to forward monthly. The lite plan starts with 10,000 plus emails ranging to 100,000 emails per month, along with other features such as no daily sending limit adds more flexibility to the plan. Parallelly, the premium plan includes marketing automation, Facebook ads, landing pages, multi-user access, and phone support. The last plan, which is, the enterprise plan comes with more additional effective ways for marketing the product digitally.

Hence, Sendinblue has established itself in the past few years with its right Email marketing skills as well.

  1. DRIP



Drip is also one of those tools which have skyrocketed in the past years in the Email marketing niche. Drip provides its customers with the effective tools they need to build personal and profitable relationships with their customers at scale. 

The unique thing about Drip is that it has only one plan. So, it is not advisable for beginners who are looking for free plans to look for. But, the paid plan consists of attractive features like unlimited email send limit, email support, and a full library of integrations. One more feature is that you can select the number of sends yourself and accordingly the price will fluctuate.  

Drip has many other features like pre-built workflows, meaningful segmentation, revenue and engagement reporting, real human support, along with its Email marketing strategies.

Unlike others, Drip also provides a 14 day free trial to its customers once they sign up for their plan.




Benchmark Email is an international, internet-based service provider of email marketing. The company has good experience as it was founded in 2004. It provides various free and paid editions.

Benchmark has three email marketing plans consisting of a free one, a static paid one, whereas one customizable plan. The best thing about Benchmark is that it focuses mainly on Email marketing only. 

Providing various tools and that too especially for Email marketing is what has made Benchmark a known name in the current market. Since it focuses on Email marketing as mainstream, it becomes the most preferable tool on the internet to shoot up your results.


All the above-discussed tools are good and unique in some way. Email marketing as an individual niche has continuously proved to be important for new startups and projects to boom and expand their clients. So, investing your time, energy, and money in social media management would always be a wise investment.



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