Why Azure Machine Learning Studio Is Better Than Others?

Machine Learning is nothing but a part of Artificial Intelligence which predicts the outcomes based on past experiences. There are a million service providers when it comes to Machine Learning but the most valuable still remains Azure Machine learning Studio.

Microsoft has been successful for the launch of Power BI, Microsoft in June 2014, launched ML studio. Its specialty is that the users don’t need to buy any separate hardware or software for it as it works on the Azure public cloud. Everything from the datasets to the analytical predictions is stored in the cloud itself. ML Studio is a simple drag & drop platform which can store, analyze, build, and test your data.

Azure machine learning studio

It is a blessing for non-science students who do not know how to work with data as they can easily build models and analyze data using drag and drop gestures and flow diagrams. Azure Machine Learning Studio is a time-saving platform as it minimizes coding work with its library of sample experiments.

Working Of Azure Machine Learning Services

Azure machine learning services allow the user to create a machine learning model, deploy their machine learning models, and also to test their model before deploying. There are more than 25 services that a user can use within the free tier. The only requirement to use azure machine learning studio is a Microsoft account and you are ready to use it free for the next 12 months.

https://studio.azureml.net/ - You can click the link and sign in to enjoy this amazing platform. If you need to create something, just click the “New+” button and get started with it. Azure ML is the platform where data hooks up easily with cloud resources and predictive analytics.

The advantage of using ML studio over other services is that there is no need for programming to write algorithms, you just have to drag-and-drop your datasets and analytic modules and link them together to create an experimental sample that can run in ML studio. It is as easy as it sounds.

Benefits of Using Azure ML Studio

  • It is a time-saving platform.
  • It can also be used by non-technical users.
  • It is user-friendly and has less restrictive tools.
  • Its pricing is flexible.
  • It offers drag & drop options.
  • It does not require any coding to make learning experiments.
  • It has tools that easily import training sets and change the output accordingly.
  • It has cloud storage.
  • It shows very limited inaccuracies.
  • It has amazing security measures as data is stored securely in the cloud.
  • It allows the publishing of a sample experiment in just a few minutes.


Some FAQ’s On Azure Machine Learning

some of the most frequently asked questions on Azure machine learning studio are-:

Is Azure Machine Learning Services Free?

Microsoft Azure machine learning is free as long as you are using their free tier services for the first 12 months, within these 12 months you would be able to use everything azure machine learning studio offers with a credit of Rs 13,300 for 30 days, there are more than 25 services that you could rely upon azure machine learning studio.

Which One Is Better Among AWS And Azure?

Both Azure and AWS use the same technology i.e laaS for storage, but Azure is considered to be better than Cisco meta cloud and AWS because it has powerful PaaS(platform-as-a-service) capabilities.

Is Azure Secured?

Azure machine learning studio uses SDL which stands for security development lifestyle which is the best in use service for cloud storage protection.



With a tool like Azure ML Studio, experts can work efficiently and find solutions for customers in a very convenient time. It offers a very understandable approach with drag & drop options and flow diagrams.



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